My Inspiration. . . “Sandra”

Posted:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 8:53am
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It all started when the nice man next door brought a dozen eggs over in payment for my husband’s snow removal. I was so grateful and planned to thank him soon but before I could he passed away, just a day later.  I felt absolutely awful and regretful that I never spoke to the man sooner and we had lived there for well over a few months. I was saddened that I never got to meet my neighbor. Just days later, in a depressed state, I had gazed towards what I thought to be an empty house…

 When I looked outside across the street, I saw the sweetest lady sitting on her walker at the edge of her driveway. I never spoke with this man so I didn’t know anything about him and I certainly didn’t know he had a wife! She looked so sad and lonely. I felt for her, so I went over and introduced myself. I said, “Hello! My name is Vanessa I live right across the street from you. I am terribly sorry for your loss, your husband brought over some eggs for plowing, that was very kind of him!” 
She quickly replied with, “Hello! Yes, yes, yes, I’m Sandra, and I’m strange!”  Needless to say, it was history from there! We spoke for a while and she gave my daughter a book. She was very sweet and witty with a comical sense of humor. As we were talking, I noticed she had some potentially beautiful gardens that were a bit overgrown. I asked her about them, if she liked to garden or what not. She said, “My husband used to keep up with them, I certainly can’t anymore”.  I offered my assistance to restore her gardens.
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In the process, we grew something more rewarding than any garden could supply, a friendship. It didn’t take long before we were great friends. Her incredible stories intrigued me more and more. As time went on, gardening turned into animal care, bedding changes, laundry, dishes, etc. Helping a windowed woman with limited funds was difficult, I couldn’t bear to ask for money, she was my friend and I couldn’t stand the thought of her paying for assistance from a genuine companion. One day I found out she was moving, I was devastated. Although it was only two streets away, it hit me pretty hard.  I continued to make the small drive to visit.
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She then met the love of her life (her ex-husband from 30 years ago!). This was someone she had been married to for 20 years. One day they reunited and the more they talked, the more they fell back in love. One thing led to another and they decided they were going to make the decision to move in together once again. However, she was moving in with him and he lives all the way from Arizona (several states away). I was devastated. How could I say anything though, she was happy, healthy and not dying. 

Blog written by Vanessa Boyce, Care Coordinator

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