Mostly Paid Speakers Advocate for Fox Hill Proposal

Sat, 12/21/2013 - 7:45am
- Private group -

It is with great interest and concern, as a residential property owner, that I have spoken at two of the public Planning Board meetings in opposition the proposed Fox Hill Project. I am fortunate to be part of the third generation of our family that has enjoyed Camden and feel very strongly about the continued protection of our important residential and commercial zoning. 

The precedent that would be established by allowing any spot zoning proposal would change the protection and value of residential real estate and thereby alter the very fabric of our community. Board members and citizens, before considering this zoning change further, must ask themselves: “How would I feel if this proposal were placing a 24/7 commercial business next to my residence?” It is an unwanted intrusion to the affected neighbors. The most important revenue stream to the Town of Camden budget is the property tax derived from the value of residential properties. This proposal is a certain threat to tax revenue growth by altering the value of residential properties throughout our Town of Camden.

It is interesting to note that at the last public meeting, the opposition had 15 speakers with just 1 paid speaker, attorney Rendle Jones. All 15 were Camden taxpayers.

In contrast; the Proponents had 15 speakers, 7 of whom were paid, 2 of whom were investors, and 2 others who did not live in Camden. In short, they had only 4 Camden taxpayers (who were not paid or investors) speak versus the opposition’s 14. We trust the Planning Board took note of this when considering the testimony provided.

I am a strong supporter of growth and, along with others, welcome the opportunity to evaluate new commercial development to our town; however, commercial business belongs in approved commercial zones, not forced upon residential neighborhoods.

Thank you for your past and future service as members of the Planning Board as you consider this most important issue.


Philip Fowler