Midcoast Rotarians collaborate to help in Knox and Waldo Counties

Sun, 06/28/2020 - 11:00am

Midcoast Rotarians are dedicated to accelerating and facilitating financial and volunteer support for local organizations, governments, schools, businesses, and individuals negatively impacted by actions taken to stem the spread of the Covid-19.

West Bay Rotary created this website to promote and facilitate financial and volunteer support for these Midcoast entities and individuals. These entities and individuals are losing revenue, wages, and access to sustaining resources such as food, supplies, transportation, medicine, and personal contact.

This website links donors and volunteers to area agencies who have told us they need money and/or labor.  Belfast, Camden, Rockland, and West Bay Rotarian volunteers review individual requests for help and connect these individuals to sources of help.

The website includes local organizations that have told us that they need help, either donations or volunteers or both.  For most organizations, there is a direct link to the organization’s website right on our site.  For those looking for assistance, there is a list of organizations offering help along with links to websites and/or phone numbers

Please Join Midcoast Rotarians as we serve Knox and Waldo counties.  We are hoping that providing this information in one consolidated place will make it easier for our community members who are looking for a way to help during this crisis and also to those needing help.

To donate, volunteer, or find resources, go to https://rotariansserving.org/.