Meet Our Pets of the Month!

Posted:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 11:30am

Names:  Chief, Belle, & Blaze Peasley

Nicknames:  Chiefy, Belley, and Blazey

Chief is a four-year old male Dalmatian, Belle is a two-year old female Dalmatian, and Blaze is a one-year old male Dalmatian

The Dalmatians enjoy going to Wag-it Daycare. They also love chasing after snowmobiles and four wheelers! Their favorite toy is a three-way tugger rope and their favorite treats are bully sticks. In one word, the owners would describe the trio as “crazy!”

The owners also say they love their dogs because “they complete our family; always happy, loving, playful, and ready for the next fun adventure!”