Meet Our Pet of the Month!

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 12:30pm

Name: Bo

Nicknames: Pup-dog, Puppy-paws

Bo is a 6 year old male black Labrador Retriever.

Bo’s favorite playtime activities include soccer, baseball, football, and anything involving his many stuffed animals. Bo will snack on just about anything edible, except for oranges! He really loves squeaky toys, stuffed animals, and playing fetch at the beach. Bo also enjoys obedience training and playing hide and seek with his owner.

Bo is owned by Hannah Nolan, one of our employees when she is home on summer and winter breaks from Husson University.

Hannah writes about Bo:

“He is my best friend and my dream dog. I bought Bo myself when I was thirteen and he turned out exactly as I had hoped—equal parts playful and mellow. He is friendly towards everyone and loves playing with other dogs as well as his cat Delta. 10/10 good boy.”

In one word, Hannah describes Bo as “licky!”

Bo recently lost his brother, Gunner, who passed away peacefully after fourteen happy years.