Lip Scrubs- Perfect Valentine Treats

Posted:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 8:15am

I first heard about lip scrubs at downtown Boston markets.  These lovely ladies would come up requesting lip scrubs.  Being a practical Mainer I thought lip scrubs sounded a bit ridiculous.  I was wrong- lip scrubs are lovely.  Every once in awhile you just have to exfoliate- even in winter when you barely notice you have skin thru all your layers.  Exfoliating helps get rid of dry and dead skin and makes your lotion work more effectively.  It’s the same with your lips.  Lip scrubs are great for everyone but especially beneficial for folks who wear lipstick or use a lot of lip balms.  The other time lip scrubs are wonderful is after you’ve been sick.  Gently exfoliating your lips really helps you feel better.

We make two flavors- chocolate is perfect for yourself a friend or colleague who has given up sweets for Jan, it’s taste divine and no calories.  Mint is clean and refreshing.  Our lip scrubs are packed in a recyclable or reusable glass jar.  With Dulse & Rugosa products a little goes a long way so a single jar will get you well into spring.

Treat yourself or a friend and thanks for shopping local from your computer.