The Lincoln Home Celebrates

Tue, 12/13/2022 - 12:30pm

The Lincoln Home celebrated family and friends at our Open House last Sunday. The staff went all out in their efforts to provide a warm, welcoming and festive afternoon. The grounds were decorated with an incredible display of lights, and inside, creative and delicious food offerings, along with talented musicians, could be found on every floor. On the ground floor, guests were treated to a delicious array of finger foods created by our culinary team, oysters, and a bar that featured two special cocktails, the Poinsettia, and Partridge in a Pear Tree. Lovely harp music played by Barbara Wright was the background for lively conversation. On the first floor, holiday music was played and sung by the talented Orville Lee on the guitar, and an amazing charcuterie board was created by our talented Chef Ingrid Gustafson. On the top floor, saxophonist Cooper Swartzentruber played a beautiful array of tunes, the new plans for renovations to add six apartments were exhibited, and guests indulged on an incredible array of scrumptious desert choices, baked by our director, Lorrie Winslow. A lovely event and an opportunity to bring residents, families, friends, our Board and staff together to celebrate all that makes The Lincoln Home the special place it is, each and every day.