A kid’s (and adult’s) guide to COVID-19

Wed, 04/22/2020 - 2:30pm

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Activity: Local resident John Burstein sent this email to his friends with a link to a video.

“As Slim Goodbody I have been educating children about good health for over 40 years, on CBS’s Capt. Kangaroo and then on PBS and Discovery.

In light of this current crisis, and as a public service, I created an informative and non-threatening video to help children understand this disease: “A Kid’s Guide to COVID-19."

Think about this: If adults are afraid of this pandemic, what effect it must be having on children? They may not know the details of the situation, but they can certainly pick up on the worried “vibes” all around them. My video is designed to help provide information and calm fears.

I'm hoping to reach as many families at home as possible with this information - so if you like it - share it.

If you are interested in an ebook on the subject with further explanations, you’ll find it on the apple books store.

Thanks for considering. Be Well. Be Safe.

Watch a Kids Guide to COVID-19


Richard Anderson

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