Keep Your Face Happy This Winter

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 7:45am
- Private group -

Have you ever tried cleaning your face with oil?  It might sound a bit crazy but I love the Oil Cleansing Method- or OCM all year but especially in winter.  If you use a conventional face wash take the time to read the ingredients.  Often the chemicals found in our face wash are drying and strip our face of much needed oil.  I find especially as I get into the more advance years that my face can feel all dry and crackly after washing.  Using the OCM you are applying natural oils to clean and remove light make up without stripping your face and keeping your skin balanced.  I massage the oil into my dry face at night for a deep cleanse and also a mini spa experience.  Once the oil is throughly rubbed in steam it off with a really warm washcloth.  It feels lovely.

Our Sweet Island Face Oil is formulated with our signature blend of oils including olive, castor, rose hip, cranberry seed infused with thyme.  Our handcrafted combination will make your skin glow.

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