Katey Smith Joins the Tutoring Team at The Study Hall

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 12:45pm

The Study Hall in Rockport is proud to announce the addition of Katey Smith to their tutoring staff. Katey has spent a majority of her life working with kids, from Sunday School to tutoring to classroom teaching. She graduated from Thomas College with a BS in Elementary Education at the top of her class in 2016. From there, she taught 6th grade at Union Elementary School for two years, before moving onto Benton Elementary School, where she had done her student teaching and internship.


While she loves teaching her own class, she understands that a majority of students learn best one-on-one. Katey understands that it is difficult to achieve that one-on-one teaching style in the classroom setting, and recognizes that tutoring provides the opportunity to solidify the skills introduced in the classroom.


Katey is coming on board as a tutor for elementary and middle school students. She believes that students need to develop a toolbox of strategies to solve problems they face academically and in life. While she will be working with students in all disciplines, Katey is especially looking forward to helping students with math. She noted that, “math provides critical thinking skills and problem solving skills that can be crucial to life outside of school. I am ready to embrace that challenge and work hard to help each student understand math concepts, how they relate to their lives, and build confidence in their problem solving abilities.”


Katey is excited about working with students of different ages and abilities, and showing them their true potential. She is currently accepting new students. For more information or to set up a tutoring session, please contact The Study Hall in Rockport at 236-3949 or email rockport@thestudyhall.com.