How do I get my teenager organized?

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 10:30am

Adolescents are famous for being disorganized. Have you walked into your teenager’s room lately? But all that happy chaos is not so great when it represents the young person’s approach to studying. Here is a brief checklist for you to grade your teen:

Does your student always write down exactly what work has been assigned? Or is there often some confusion over what needs to be done as soon as s/he sits down to get to work?

Does your student know when assignments are due, or are there frequent last-minute panics over something due the next morning?

Do notebooks, textbooks and laptop computers frequently get “lost”, often ending up in the wrong place between home and school?

Does your student know how to take notes?

Does your student know how to review for a test?

Does your student study ACTIVELY or does s/he employ the “Ya-Ya” method? (That is when a student just stares at his notes or the chapter review and says, Ya-Ya, whatever, I get it.”)

Does your student try hard to do the work, listen in class, practice the problems, but still does not get a good grade on the test?  

What is going wrong?

The Study Hall is able to help. We have experienced tutors who work with middle and high school students at all levels. We know what it takes to get the grades and get organized. We can help your student find a way to manage.   This is not something s/he can just “pick up” or figure out on his own. Let us help make your student reach his or her potential. Call us today at 236-3949 or email for more information.