High School Students May Earn Early College Credit Through UC Rockland

Posted:  Friday, March 30, 2018 - 4:30pm

Local juniors and seniors in high school may earn college credit over the summer and/or fall semesters at University College at Rockland. Through a program known as High School Aspirations (HSA), funding is provided from both the Department of Education and the University of Maine System so that high school students pay zero tuition and fees.

Registration is open now for both summer and fall.  Since classes do fill, high school students are urged to consider this opportunity soon. 

The process for registration is fairly easy. Interested students are encouraged to meet with the high school guidance counselor to discuss interest in the program.  There is a special application form which is signed by the guidance counselor, a parent and the student.  If the student has recent SAT scores, those are included with the application. Students may also take an Accuplacer test at URock to place into the requested course. The placement test is administered every Monday at 4:00pm.

According to URock’s Director, Deborah Meehan, “High school students who prove they can do college level work look great in the college admissions process. And, over the long term, they save lots of tuition dollars.”

University College at Rockland recommends that students take face-to-face courses but videoconference, ITV and online courses are also funded. Staff urge students to take general education requirements which are easily transferrable to most colleges.

Recommended UC Rockland face-to-face courses for summer include: COM 102, Interpersonal Communications; ENG 101, College Writing; and, MAT 115, Elementary Statistics.  For Fall at UC Rockland, recommended courses include: ASL 101, Intro to American Sign Language; BIO 110, General Biology; CIS 101, Intro to Computer Science; CIS 110, Computer Programming Fundamentals; COM 101, Public Speaking; ENG 101, College Writing; ENG 102W, Introduction to Literature; HTY 104, US History II; JUS 103, Intro to Justice Studies; MAT 111, Algebra II; MAT 115, Elementary Statistics; and, PSY 100, Intro to Psychology.  

For more information on the High School Aspirations Program, students are urged to call University College at Rockland at 596-6906 for an advising appointment, or to stop by the campus on the 4th floor of the Breakwater Building in Rockland.