Help Your Student Start the Year Off on the Right Foot

Wed, 09/04/2019 - 2:30pm

The summer is winding down quickly and children of all ages are heading back to school.  The return to school often triggers a wide range of emotions from happy to sad and confident to anxious.  If your child is apprehensive about their academic courses give them some added confidence by starting the school year with a tutor.


At The Study Hall we can help your child start the school year with an extra edge and some additional confidence.  Whether your son or daughter has difficulty in math, history, science, English, study skills or organization our tutors can assist your child achieve their full potential.  Our programs are designed to complement the material students are studying in school while ensuring that they are not just learning for the moment but truly comprehending the information necessary to be successful.  We work with students of all ages.  For more information please call us at 236-3949 or check out our website