HALLELUJAH First Sign of Spring

Posted:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 7:30am

One of the first signs of spring is the sap buckets.  Every winter I read social media posts about others embracing winter.  The chance to reflect, go interior, read.....  I always feel a combination of jealousy and motivation.  This winter I really did challenge myself to enjoy winter but I also did a lot of “sticth-flixing”.  Sewing while binge watching.  I really loved an article in the March DownEast magazine- which had a stack for free in my post office.  Carrie Braman wrote How (And Why) to Persevere.  Carrie writes about winter but also the joys and trials of running a small business, two subjects I can relate to.  Check out Frontier Maple Sugarworks for pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal.......