Good Morning BoooooothBayyyyy Harrrrrrborrrrrrrr

Thu, 04/09/2020 - 3:45pm

Well, we’ve all been watching a lot of movies and trying to make sense of a pretty sensless situation!  We at Brady’s are gearing up for opening day this coming Tuesday.  Please bare with us as we navigate a totally different business model.  We will be offering curbside service, takeout from the deck only (no entry into the restaurant), and delivery for orders over $50 within a 10 mile radious.  We will be showcasing a new menu designed to keep our favorites and have found a few new ones.  We will be adding specials as soon as we get our sea legs.  We will also be operating with a very limited crew, so please be patient if we get a little busy! (Let’s hope!).  Beer and wine will be available and we are pricing these a smidgen above retail... because we have too.. 

The menu will be available to see online at but will not go live for ordering until Tuesday.  You will be able to order before we open (12:00 noon ~ 6PM Tuesday thru Saturday closed Sunday/Monday) and tell us when you would like your order ready.  This is all new to us... so again be kind.

We will get through this!!  Summer will still come, we will survive, and maybe learn something in the process!

Cheers,  the crew at Brady’s