Giving Green for Father’s Day

Posted:  Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 7:45am

Looking for the perfect gift for the great guys in your life?  Don’t want a bunch of unnecessary junk including needless packaging?  Give the gift of you.  Go hike, paddle, grill, get outside with your guys.  If Dad lives far away don’t forget to call him.  

Buy local and handcrafted for actual presents because sometimes a gift can rock your world.  Let your money support businesses that share your values.

Give your guys skincare.  I laugh when I see the shudder when you suggest perhaps a lotion will help those dry hands.

If you decide to purchase from Dulse & Rugosa here are some suggestions-

 Eau de Tick Spray- smell good even when sweaty and keeps the bugs at bay.

Ramblin’ or Cruising Bar- one bar for shampoo, shave and soap, travels and leaves no trace.  Plus healing and nourishing seaweed for great skin.

Beard and Scalp Oil- keep that beard looking better than a Viking.

You’ll find us around the mid-coast at Archipelago, Fresh Off the Farm, Good Tern and Rising Tide.