Fun Fall Activities

Posted:  Friday, September 22, 2017 - 12:12pm

This time of year in Maine is a time of beautiful cool days, and vibrant foliage. With the holidays approaching, there are lots of fun and interesting things to do with your Senior.

If they're able, go for a nature walk, and collect an autumn bouquet.

fall-2141847_1920.jpgSit outside, and read a favorite book. Be sure they are dress warmly, with a blanket for their legs.

Make their favorite snack and watch an old holiday movie.  If it's a Halloween movie, depending on their cognizance, be sure that it won't be to scary or confusing for them.

Cook holiday dishes or desserts. Take them shopping for the ingredients, and let them help you choose fresh fruit, etc. Not matter their level of function, they will have a great time participating in decorating cookies, rolling out dough, mixing, etc. The aromas from spices and sweets may spark memories for them. You might even get some great old recipes, too!

Ask them what traditions they had growing up that they might like to include in their celebration now.

Make decorations, simple costumes, or decorate a pumpkin. Although carving or cutting may be difficult for them, they can always scoop out the pumpkin, or attach paper cutouts, sequins, or fabric, and painting is also an option.

Take them to a botanical garden, or a holiday event at a local farm. Be sure to check for handicapped access, if necessary.

And finally, a simple drive to see the foliage is a great way to enjoy the season.

S. Smith