- Private group -
Fri, 09/17/2021 - 7:30am

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Kate McMorrow offers guidance and support in making significant behavioral changes for radiant health and well being. 

Do you ever catch yourself saying or thinking you “SHOULD” exercise, eat better, sleep better?  Do you get distracted by your to-do list and end up feeling overwhelmed?  Are you tired of being tired and trying to keep up? Can you imagine what it would be like to THRIVE?

The Functional approach to coaching seeks to understand the root causes, or WHY one isn’t living optimally and THRIVING! My passion is uncovering these AHA moments and witnessing my clients light up with new possibilities, ease, and freedom in mind, body and spirit!

As a Health Coach, I leave the expert advice to the doctors and practitioners and become a keen listener, honoring the client as an expert of their own experience. Coaching is not about giving advice but rather facilitating and evoking necessary change from within the whole person to improve health and well being.

My goal is that you leave each session being seen, heard and honored as already whole, yet with a few more tools to accomplish your dreams and goals. Each session you will have a self directed, co-created plan to reach the next step in your excellent journey. You will leave knowing your strengths, having a clear vision and feeling empowered to take action steps that fit into your life, at your pace.

Coaches draw on their clients natural strengths and innate wisdom. They support them with positivity, inviting them to voice their most vibrant selves. As your coach I also offer education, tips and tools along the way to make it more fun, and ultimately more successful.  

I welcome all those who are curious, and have a desire to thrive! Call for a 20 minute free introduction to coaching!  207-975-1504