Free 1-credit "JumpStart" Course Offers Skill Building to Succeed in College

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 9:15am

The UMA Rockland Center is offering a free seven week 1-credit course called,"Jump Start" from July 13 - August 24 to help prepare students to succeed in college.

With a combination of seven 2 hour weekly classes using real time video participation and online learning, those new to college, or considering applying for the fall, will be able to test their computer competency skills, learn note taking, time management, how to manage test anxiety, and explore some career planning tools.

This is a free 1-credit college course designed to help college bound students get a head start on the college experience.

Students who complete the 7-week experience will receive a $200 voucher toward the purchase of textbooks for the first semester at UMA Rockland.

"We think this opportunity will get students ready to engage in the fall with confidence and energy," said UMA Rockland Director Deborah Meehan.

For registration information about this course contact or phone 596-6906.