Flames of Glory and Ignite the Fire Gathering Oct. 7th-10th

Wed, 09/15/2021 - 2:00pm

Story Location:
Augusta Civic Center 76 Community Drive
Augusta  Maine  04330
United States

   Please watch this 9-minute video called the “Fire of His Glory” and the upcoming GREATER release of fire we expect to see at the Ignite the Fire /Activate your Gifts” Oct. 7-10 Gathering at https://vimeo.com/605824779

  While praying for this event a few weeks back, I heard the Lord say, “Pray for fire.” Since then, I have been asking for fire- not only for the purging, cleansing prophetic fire of the Spirit, but to be filled with a GREATER increase of the life of His presence than we have ever known! The fire of the Lord is the life of His presence that shines as a light. The greater the darkness the greater the glory revealed. Since asking for His fire daily, two things have taken place.

   1. I have felt my entire being light up with the life of His presence, a fire that rest upon me and within me. More Lord!

   2. The other day I felt (and saw in a vision) red hot coals burning at the bottom of my heart. It was as if my heart was a fireplace where coals of His presence rested. Like a billow that fans the coals into flames, the breath of God is breathing upon the coals of our hearts to ignite a fire that burns brightly. To me, these are the flames of His love.

         It is not a coincidence that our event is called “Ignite the Fire/ Activate your gifts.”  

  When Paul said to Timothy “Kindle afresh the gift of God,” (in the Greek “to kindle” means to set aflame- mix with fire) he was not referring to spiritual gifts, but to ignite into flames the GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I believe God’s desire is to not to only ignite the fire that burns within, but to pour out a GREATER measure of the Spirit that will rest as flames of fire upon His people- the fire of His manifest glory. 

 To know more about the Ignite the Fire/Activate your gifts event, please go to this link https://buytickets.at/eastgateministries/501626 

Blessings with love - Roy Roden