Finding Nemo (film)

Posted:  Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 12:30pm

Story Location:
29 Elm Streeet
Camden  Maine  04843
United States

Feb 25, 2018  3:00 pm

 Marlin, a clown fish, is overly cautious with his son Nemo, who has a shortened fin. When Nemo swims too close to the surface to prove himself, Marlin's worst fears are realized when Nemo is captured by a deep-sea-diving dentist who collects fish for his aquarium. On a journey that will introduce him to extraordinary characters and teach him a great deal about the world and even more about himself, Marlin must go literally to the end of the ocean to find his son and bring him home. On the way he meets Dory, a cheerful blue tang who has a problem with short-term memory loss. They search for Nemo together in the face of stinging jellyfish, exploding mines, and creatures with many, many, teeth. Meanwhile, Nemo makes some very good friends in the dentist's aquarium, including a tough tiger fish who helps him plan an escape. 

 1 hr. 40 min, rated G

Tickets $5 at the door - $15 cap per family, and free popcorn provided by our sponsor, Camden National Bank.