Facility Would Provide Comprehensive Treatment

- Private group -
Mon, 12/09/2013 - 8:00am

Patients at the McLean Hospital substance-abuse treatment facility at the Fox Hill Estate would undergo a rigorous program of counseling, therapy and even exercise during their stays.

Here’s a look at exactly what will happen at the 12-bed residential facility should it receive all of the necessary local and state regulatory approvals.

The on-site doctors and other professionals will offer a full scope of diagnostic, evaluation and therapeutic services. That will include special, integrated treatment for people with co-occurring addiction and psychiatric illnesses.

Patients at the facility will participate in group therapies, such as cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). CBT is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps patients to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors. DBT treats borderline personality disorders, and ACT teaches mindfulness to help overcome negative thoughts and feelings.

The treatment also will include consultations with psychiatrists and psychologists from McLean’s main campus in Belmont, Mass.

The facility will have space for a comprehensive mind and body program that includes mindfulness, yoga, fitness, nutrition education, smoking cessation and expressive art and music therapies. Highly skilled addiction and mental health specialists will be on site 24 hours a day to support and supervise patients.

The facility staff also provides support and education for the families and significant others of patients, and the staff works closely with the professionals who refer the patients to develop detailed plans for aftercare and transitioning back to their lives to assure continuing recovery.

The proposed program and facility at Fox Hill Estate is designed for people who require critical recovery and therapeutic services to people who need further treatment after successful completion of an off-site detoxification or who experience a pattern of relapse. Patients may also have addictive disorders complicated by behavioral health issues. They may need longer-term individualized care in a discreet, private and world-class setting or need to make lifestyle changes to maintain a sustained recovery.

Patients who seek treatment at Fox Hill Estate would be required to be discreet about their stay so they don’t attract unwanted publicity.

McLean Hospital, founded in 1811, is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital in the Boston area and is a world leader in the treatment of chemical dependency and mental illness and research into the causes of mental illness. It has trained generations of mental health care providers.

McLean is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare System. It is a major teaching facility of Harvard Medical School and maintains the largest program of research in neuroscience and psychiatry of any private psychiatric hospital in the U.S. The magazine US News & World Report ranked McLean the nation’s No. 1 hospital for psychiatry.

The Fox Hill Estate facility will focus on substance abuse treatment, but McLean Hospital also has major clinical programs to address a broad range of psychiatric illnesses, including: depression, bipolar and psychotic disorders; mood and anxiety disorders; alcohol and drug abuse; dissociative disorders; Alzheimer’s disease and other geriatric illnesses; and child and adolescent psychiatric disorders.