Extreme Opposition to FHRE’s Proposal

Posted:  Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 2:00pm
- Private group -

I am writing to express my extreme opposition to the above referenced proposal. As the owner of a home located less than a mile from the site, and having a personal history in Camden for over thirty years, I am, quite frankly, appalled that this proposal would be given any serious consideration.  

Numerous citizens have already identified the myriad of problems that approval of this proposal would create for our town and its residents. Camden is a unique community, universally admired for its historical character, quiet neighborhoods, beautiful residences, community-minded populace and overall ambiance. To suggest that we adopt a proposal that would fundamentally change the character of our community and potentially open a Pandora’s box by setting a rezoning precedent is nothing short of outrageous.  

The arguments in support of the proposal set forth by the Fox Hill group and their representatives are so transparent that anyone with a modicum of common sense should see them as the self-serving rhetoric that they are. Why should the citizens, and property owners of our community, be strong-armed into changing the very nature of our neighborhood in order to line the pockets of remote investors and provide rehabilitation services to the ultra-wealthy, when many suitable locations exist elsewhere? 

Please protect the interests of Camden’s citizens and property owners and avoid making a mistake for which all of us will ultimately pay dearly. 


Richard A. Norris 

Camden, ME