Evergreen Home Performance wins award from Efficiency Maine

- Private group -
Tue, 03/07/2017 - 4:00pm

In early January, the Evergreen Home Performance team was presented with an award from Efficiency Maine. We’re honored to be on the list of top Efficiency Maine Residential Program vendors for three years running.

Sharing a Common Goal: Energy Efficiency

At Evergreen, we share common values with Efficiency Maine. We want homeowners throughout the state to have the opportunity to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient with high-quality heating systems, air sealing and insulation. Efficiency improvements make homes more comfortable, lowers energy bills, and reduces the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

As a business, we appreciate Efficiency Maine’s quality assurance program. It lets us know we’re on the right track with the work that we’re doing because we consistently get good feedback about the top-notch quality of the work we do.

Efficiency Maine Rebates & Financing

Maine homeowners can also apply for rebates & financing for their home energy projects through Efficiency Maine. This makes the possibility of a comfortable, energy efficient and healthy home even more affordable.

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