Eco Packaging

Posted:  Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 7:30am

Let’s talk grease stains.  At Dulse & Rugosa we try real hard to package as eco as possible and it’s a challenge.  We stopped making some products simply because of packaging challenges.  It’s pointless to package eco yet use a ton of materials getting the product into the package.  So we end up with grease stains but the inside is still beautiful.  It’s not a problem at markets or online because we can explain and our customers understand.  But wholesale is different.  Stores have a look and clientele and at times we have refunded money because of grease stains.  We don’t ask for the product back but rather ask that it been given away.  This year I’ve been way more upfront and unapologetic because grease happens and mermaids totally understand.