Dear Select Board

Posted:  Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 10:15am
- Private group -

Dear Select Board,

Our town is a democracy; we elected you to represent us. As elected representatives, it’s your job to make a  determination about what is best for all of Camden. 

It is not fair or democratic to subject a minority of people, who would be immediately and irreparably affected by this proposal, to a popular vote.  The majority of Camden’s citizens probably do not realize the far-reaching implications of their vote, may not have given the matter much thought, and can easily be manipulated by outside investors making grand promises.

Moreover, how could you possibly expect the citizenry to have a solid understanding of over 400 pages of Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances, and  72 lines of changes to our Coastal Residential Zone ordinance, when even the lawyers on both sides are struggling to grasp and explain them?  The average citizens hasn’t and won’t ever take the time to learn what is in our approved zoning, let alone the far reaching implications of this rather dramatic proposed change. That’s your job.  

The buck stops with you five elected representatives—I'm confident you'll all do the right thing and reject this proposal! 

Parker S. Laite, Sr.