This Changes Everything at the Strand

Posted:  Friday, October 12, 2018 - 7:30am
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This Changes Everything the documentary will be at the Strand in Rockland on Sunday Oct 14 at 2:00.  And it’s FREE!!!  That’s because the film is sponsored by The Island Institute, Natural Resource Council of Maine and Mid-coast Maine Indivisible and hosted by the Strand theatre.

Last winter I read Dark Money by Jane Mayer.  It was not an easy read but helped me understand how billionaire money shapes our politics and planet.  Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything is very similar.  Really intense, mind expanding but not easy to read.  That’s why a documentary is so helpful.  This stuff is scary.  But we need to be informed citizens.  

And don’t forget to VOTE on Nov 6th- another scary thing is how few citizens make their voices known by casting their ballot.

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