Brenda Thomas of Rockland Featured Student Speaker at UMA Convocation

Sun, 09/22/2019 - 5:00pm

Brenda Thomas of Rockland, a student at the UMA Rockland Center, was honored as the student speaker at the University of Maine at Augusta's Convocation Ceremony on the UMA campus on Friday, September 20.

At UMA the annual fall Convocation Ceremony launches the academic year and focuses the university community around a central theme.  This year's academic theme at UMA is "Dirigo" which translates to, "I lead".

Thomas, a former schooner captain, spoke of the important qualities and skills needed to lead a windjammer crew and its 22 passengers and how what she learned at sea has broad applications for all leadership roles.

Having left a life at sea to pursue a university education and a teaching certification, Thomas remarked, "I've changed direction. I've adjusted my sails and I'm on a new voyage. There’s a different ship I want to lead, and the University of Maine at Augusta experience is allowing me to set my sights on new horizons. Instead of 22 guests on a windjammer, I am learning to lead 22 students in a classroom."


Noel Paul Stookey, formerly of the legendary trio Peter, Paul and Mary, and a songwriter in his own right, delivered the keynote address. In addition 89 Rising Scholars, nominated by faculty and staff for great potential and promise as student scholars, were honored at UMA’s Convocation event.

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