Battling the financial storm

Thu, 04/16/2020 - 10:00am


Activity: A recent New York Times article by Nancy Wartik suggests ways to help those facing financial shortages. Included are:

  1. Donate cash to categories of people such as laid off restaurant workers; people who can’t pay rent; or to established non-profits addressing issues such as homelessness, hunger or aid to family farmers. (See “I will donate” on for links to area entities).
  2. Lend expertise to those needing help to find the available organization, government, school, or private entity available to help. ( Midcoast Rotarians are doing this for individuals and entities submitting “I need help” forms on
  3. Help crowdfund by launching a campaign for a person or business - making sure the the request is very clear about the situation, the need and how the funds will help; sharing it broadly; and keeping people up-to-date and saying thanks.
  4. Help community businesses by checking the businesses web site
  5. Help the children by creating a Donors Choose project directed to the needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic. (see “We offer help” on for links to school districts providing meals to homes)
  6. Give food by preparing meals yourself, donating food, or donating money to local food pantries. (See “I will donate” on for links to area food pantries)
  7. Give to a friend or relative without expectations of how it is to be used, give only if you can afford to lose it and be clear of terms if you consider it a loan.

Richard M. Anderson

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Belfast, Camden, Rockland, Unity or West Bay Rotary clubs.