Attn Students **50% Off Online Learning Coach**

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 11:00am

The mission of Online Learning Coaches, LLC is to help students achieve success in online education while alleviating the strain on parents by having a third-party help manage their child’s online studies.

The number one concern about online education is that there is not enough support. With online curriculums, students are ultimately left on their own. Students are asked to take several classes at once and be self-disciplined as an adolescent to stay on task and complete all of the required work. To combat this problem, online programs have created something called a Learning Coach. Until now, this person has typically been the parent. Although a great concept, it does not always work due to life demands and the strain it puts on a parent/child relationship. Consistently checking in, monitoring progress in each course, helping answer questions and motivating a teenager is very challenging for any adult not in the educational field let alone a parent. Teenagers often respond better to a nonparental adult.

This is where Online Learning Coaches, LLC comes in. They take over these duties, providing the structure and support that most students need to achieve success within an online curriculum. The services offered by Online Learning Coaches, LLC include daily monitoring of students’ progress and grades, ensuring that the student is working at an appropriate pace, assisting with organization and time management skills, encouraging students to reach out to their classroom teachers, regular updates to parents, and even basic content instruction. The learning coaches at Online Learning Coaches, LLC will help to alleviate much of the parent/child stress associated with online education.  

For the remainder of the school year Online Learning Coaches, LLC will be offering 50% off their weekly subscription. Help your child finish the school year on a high note with the support of a learning coach. Email or visit Online Learning Coaches for more information.