Posted:  Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 7:15am

Auggie gets a bad rap in Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters dog blogs. I needed a writing voice to vent my frustration and Auggie was the only dog that fit. I couldn't rightly give that voice to Surreptitious Max, or Sweet Coal, or Dumb Buddy. So Auggie it was.

And I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble out there who thought Auggie was writing his own dog blog. I'm sure this is a traumatic moment for you and you will never be the same. I suggest counseling. Or drinking. Or drinking whilst getting counseled. Just get over it in whatever way fits you.

The truth is that Auggie is the best trained dog we've ever had. Sure, he gets into the garbage occasionally. Sure, he doesn't like puppies. But that dog is fearless and a world-class snuggler. 

Well, these two look up to no good.  They look like they're on their way to knock over garbage cans or hold up a supermarket for all their jars of peanut butter.

So grab a cup of cocoa or fortified wine and click on my newest blog creation, "Salty to the Bone - Auggie - The Salad Days