Attention High School Juniors - Junior Year is the Hardest Year

Posted:  Monday, January 22, 2018 - 5:45pm

If you are a high school Junior, here is the bad news: Preparing to apply to college is like adding another course to your already busy schedule.

The good news is that if you start early and know what deadlines you have to meet, the job can get done with minimal disruptions and fantastic results. But you need to jumpstart the process beginning now.

One of the first steps is taking the SAT test in your junior year. In October you should have retaken the PSATs. This provides valuable information when preparing for the actual SATs. If you didn't take the PSATs we can administer it for you!

Analyze your Spring schedule. The SATs are offered in March, April (mandatory test), May, June and August. Plan to take the SATs multiple times in the Spring of your Junior year to avoid carrying them over to your Senior year. Are you thinking of applying to schools that require subject tests? Add that into the equation.

Once you have your SAT scores, you will have a much better idea of the colleges that are a good fit for you. Your SAT scores will guide your application process.

It seems pretty obvious that you want to score your best on the SATs so that you have more choices and so you can be competitive at more schools. The higher your scores, the more you are able to be the person making the choices—where to apply, which school to consider, even how many scholarships might be available to you.

Since scoring well on your SATs will set the tone for your college search, why not make an effort to be as prepared as you can be? Why would you want to just “wing it” and see how you do? There is no advantage to going into the test unprepared.

The Study Hall has a lot of experience helping students maximize their scores. We have tutors for both the math and the verbal sections. We offer one-on-one prep year round and six-week sessions leading up to the March and April test dates. It is time to start practicing, so call today to set up a personal strategy session and to reserve your place in the classes.

Take charge of your future—do your very best on the SATs and open the door to your academic success.