Artist of the Month at the Belfast Chamber

Posted:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 9:56am
- Private group -
Private Home Care, Inc. is excited to announce our very own Susan Dean Smith is the first artist to be featured in the Belfast Chamber’s Artist of the Month! Ellen Hoyt of PHCI and Steve Ryan of the Belfast Chamber were talking about the large blank wall they have in the chamber and were looking for something to fill the void!

Together they decided to reach out to a local artist to display their work at the chamber! An idea was born! The details are still being worked out by the chamber but so far, the plan is to have an artist be featured every month on the large wall! The artist can bring one or more pieces down as the wall is quite large! PHCI was very excited to help get this whole idea going with the Belfast Chamber! 

Susan Dean Smith brought down her “Volcano 2” piece, and you can stop by to see it all this month!

“Volcano 2 is part of an installation piece and deals with those times in life when you feel as though you’re just tumbling along with no control over what’s happening to you.

The two “untitled” pieces are yoga figures arranged in flowing patterns. I was advised to try yoga and found the silhouettes of the poses very interesting. I incorporate the human form into many of my pieces, so I worked them into a series of prints. My intent was to illustrate the meditative flow of yoga.”

Any artist who is interested in having their artwork hung in the chamber should reach out to Steve Ryan at the Belfast Chamber of Commerce.

You can contact Steve Ryan by stopping in at the Belfast Chamber or by phone at 207-338-5900 and email at