The Adult Child: Parents with College Aged Children

Posted:  Monday, October 22, 2018 - 3:00pm

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How Parents of College Aged Children Can Have A Legal Right to Help In Emergencies and Get Information: Adulting By Acknowledging Continued Dependence

DID YOU KNOW  At Age 18, Parents Have No Right to Ask About Their Kids

The Family Compact is a legally enforceable set of documents meant to permit parents the right to ask about their child and intervene in emergencies. But more than that, it can discourage predatory lenders from offering your child credit that could hamper their economic life for years to come.

Are you the parent of a college-age child? If you have a new eighteen-year-old son or daughter, you have no right to ask their college counselor or their doctor about their well-being. Even in an emergency. I’m a lawyer and I felt surprised to be told that I no longer had the right to ask about my eighteen-year-old son or daughter. Why? Because the law says at age 18 a person is an adult.

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