Added Traffic Would Be A Real Danger

Posted:  Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 2:00pm
- Private group -

I am a Maine resident who lives on Chestnut Street. This is a wonderful residential zone. We should not compromise this by changing the zoning laws as this changes the precident for the entire town. 

I am concerned that Chestnut Street will be affected by the change in a zoning law even more than Bay View Street as the road is wider and  straighter and therefore easier to drive. Chestnut Street has a large pedestrian presence, people in all seasons who enjoy the peaceful and safe area to walk and jog with children and dogs. There are many adults and children on bicycles especially during the busy summer months. 

I believe added traffic would be a real danger to those people. We do not need more traffic on a daily basis. I am certain the residents of Chestnut Street and Bayview Street bought our houses in the belief that the present residential laws would not  be changed when we made the investments. 

Camden Planning Board should  consider the needs of the present homeowners and those in other residential areas who might be affected in the future by this decision. Please keep businesses where they belong, in business zones. Once the laws are changed it will be difficult to stop other requests for rezoning. 


Beryl Harron, Camden