20% Off Online SAT & PSAT Prep

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 11:15am

For many students, preparing for college entrance exams can be an overwhelming task. The Study Hall offers personalized, one-on-one remote tutoring via FaceTime, Zoom and Google Classroom to help students taking the SAT and PSAT achieve their best scores.

At The Study Hall, we use past SAT and PSAT scores to customized a plan for each student based on his or her individual strengths and weaknesses. All standardized tests are demanding, The Study Hall’s highly trained tutors will help college-bound students master the skills needed to improve their scores.

While students are learning from home it’s important that they continue to prioritize their academics and keep their test taking skills sharp. Upcoming SAT exam dates include June 6, August 29 and October 3. Please visit the College Board website for the most up to date information and testing schedules.

We encourage students to seek the proper test preparation that will enable them to walk in on test day feeling confident. This can be achieved with personalized SAT exam prep with The Study Hall. We are currently offering a 20% discount on all one-on-one SAT Prep in an attempt to ease the financial burden on families while keeping our superb staff tutoring. For more information on our SAT prep, please contact us at 207-236-3949 or email Rockport@TheStudyHall.com.