Blizzard Alert! Stock up on milk and bread

A word to the wise, from the Lincolnville Fire Department

Posted:  Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 9:45pm

OK, so here's the deal: We are expecting a fair amount of snow, some wind and possible power outages. We are not meteorologists, so don't expect a lot more info on the weather. Tune in to your regular spot for those updates.

Aaaaand for storm preparations, check out the interweb for that, also. We all know the drill for preparing for snow, wind and power outages. We've all been through this before, and together we will do it again.

That being said, reasonable precautions seem, well, reasonable. Here are some at the top of the list:

Check on your neighbors, bring cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes.

Portable generators belong outside. No exceptions. DO NOT use them in your garage, shed, or in Skippy's dog house. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and definitely not your friend. Outside is the word. (And bring Skippy inside, he'll love you for it)

Speaking of carbon monoxide, please keep your direct vented devices clear of snow. What is a "direct vented device" you ask?

Many fuel burning devices are vented through the sidewall of your house. It could be your furnace, a propane fireplace, a heater and many other devices. If the vent gets covered with snow the carbon monoxide will back up into your house and voila! You have a deadly situation going on. And be mindful that with the conditions we are expecting you will need to do this exercise several times.

Travel is not encouraged. If you have the day off, good for you. Stay home, perhaps make the kids go out and shovel for the entire storm. Kids love that. If you do have to travel allow extra time. And by "if you have to travel,” we mean something important. Just cruising around to see how bad the weather is, or swinging down to Wally Mart for a sale doesn't qualify as important.

If you have an emergency, by all means please dial 9-1-1. Help will get there, be it fire, medical or police.

Do not call 9-1-1 for weather updates, road condition questions, or the lottery numbers.

These fine dispatchers are very busy on a normal day. On a storm day they get wicked busy. We love our dispatchers.

That about sums it up. Now get the oven warmed up and make some cupcakes before the power goes out.

Feel free to like, share, or even print out this post for future reference. (There will be more storms, someday)

Enjoy the milk, bread and cupcakes

Be careful, be safe and when in doubt call us out