Vose Library celebrates gift of new Joseph Fiore painting, ‘Rock with Pictograph’

Posted:  Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 5:00pm

Story Location:
392 Common Road
Union  Maine  04862
United States

UNION — Vose Library, in Union, recently announced it is the recipient of a work of art from Joseph Fiore's Rock Paintings collection. The artwork was a gift from Maine Farmland Trust, in collaboration with the Falcon Foundation.

Fiore (1925-2008) was an acclaimed avant-garde artist known for his abstract compositions. He also was an environmentalist, drawing key inspiration for his art from the natural world. Between 1975 and 1987, Fiore produced a collection of Rock Paintings, also called the Geological Works, inspired by geology and rocks.

Fiore had a strong connection to Maine, for 50 years dividing his time between New York City and his farm in Jefferson. During his time here, Fiore was a generous supporter of Maine Farmland Trust, a statewide membership organization that works to protect farmland, support farmers and advance the future of farming. After Fiore's death, his estate continued that support, creating the Falcon Foundation, which has been working with Maine Farmland Trust to further Fiore's dedication to the interconnection of art, farming and the natural world. The groups collaborated to create the Fiore Center at Rolling Acres in Jefferson, bringing together the worlds of art and farming through exhibits and education. In addition, the Falcon Foundation provided artwork from Fiore's Rock Paintings collection for Maine Farmland Trust to gift to Maine nonprofits committed to the appreciation of Maine's natural environment.

In a press release, Vose Library officials said they are “delighted to be chosen” as a steward of Fiore's artwork. The library will display Fiore's artwork, Rock with Pictograph, above its Craftsmanship and Design Collection, which features professional-level resources for artists and craftspeople of the area and across the state.

"We are so pleased to have one of Joseph Fiore's works in our library, where it will highlight the local connection between art, farming and the natural landscape of Maine," said Sue McClintock, Vose Library's director.

McClintock also said this gift should inspire all generations to appreciate and learn more about Maine's geological history, rich farming tradition and natural beauty. In doing so, it will enhance the Library's mission to advance learning, inspire curiosity, enrich lives and promote community. “Vose Library is grateful to the Maine Farmland Trust and the Falcon Foundation for providing the opportunity to share Joseph Fiore's artwork and love of nature with our patrons and community.”