Rockport honors Police Officer Travis Ford, appoints Jim Moore as sergeant

Posted:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 4:00pm

ROCKPORT — Two longtime Rockport police officers were recognized for their service May 8, and another was officially promoted to sergeant, assuming supervisory duties across the Camden-Rockport town line, as needed.

Camden-Rockport Police Chief Randy Gagne spoke to the Rockport Select Board, updating them on personnel changes within the Rockport Police Department. He was joined by Rockport police officers James Moore, Travis Ford and Chris Taylor, as well as Camden police officer Tim Davis, and Camden sergeants John Tooley and Dan Brown.

Gagney recognized Craig Cooley, who reached his 20-year milestone with the department, as well as Rockport Police Officer Travis Ford, who “helped us out in a period of transition.”

Ford had assisted the transition, and served as sergeant for six months before requesting to return to officer duty.

“Travis helped out immensely for staying six months when the department was going through changes,” said Gagne. “He was the glue that kept it together. He still helps me out tremendously.”

Ford asked to step away from sergeant duties so that he could “go back to patrol and do things he likes to do,” said Gagne, mentioned that Ford likes patrolling the hospital and schools.

“He is one of finest officers I have ever worked with,” said Gagne. “He thinks about everything he does. He cares about the town. He is a true professional.”

Gagne presented a plaque to Ford in appreciation of his work.

Gagne also introduced Rockport Police Officer James Moore as the town’s next sergeant. 

Moore’s wife, Lisa, stepped forward and officially pinned her husband as sergeant, at which time he joined the ranks of his colleagues in Camden, sergeants Dan Brown and John Tooley.

Moore had applied for the position of sergeant, and Gagne said the Camden-Rockport police leadership took their time going through the process.

With Gagne now chief of both departments, a decision made in 2016, the police in the two towns work more closely together. Moore, like Tooley and Brown, will attend FBI training sessions, so that the departments “speak the same language” in supervision and management philosophy, said Gagne.

Moore will also assume supervisory duties in Camden, and vice versa with Brown and Tooley, said Gagne.

“We got a lot done in past year and look forward to getting a lot more down,” he said.

Rockport Town Manager Rick Bates said he was pleased with the police department work, saying the cooperation is “exemplary.”