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Medomak 3rd/4th girls travel basketball claims second in Boothbay tourney

Posted:  Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 11:30pm

The 3rd/4th grade Medomak girls travel team traveled to Boothbay for the Mini Blasters tournament over the weekend.

Game one of the weekend was a Friday night game at 6:30 p.m. against Winslow. The game started out slow for each team at the end of the first quarter it was Medomak 4-2. Again in the second quarter the scoring was the same for both teams, 4 points for Medomak to Winslow’s 2. The score at the half was Medomak 8-4. In the third quarter the scoring changed for the two teams. Winslow outscored Medomak 4-2 but Medomak was still in the lead at the end of third, 10-8. Medomak rallied in the fourth quarter and scored eight points to Winslow’s zero. Medomak won 18-8.

Scoring for Medomak:
Erica Waite 2
Emily Richrds 2
Kytana Williamson 8
Julianna Sprague 2
Audrey Jackson 4

Scoring for Winslow:
Mia Fitzpatrick 2
Bethany Blakeley 4
Kyri Meak 2

The second game for Medomak was Saturday at 5 p.m. against Gardiner. This game was much like the game the night before. A very low scoring game with both teams unable to get the ball into the hoop. Both teams were shooting, the ball just would not go in. It was 2-2 at the end of the first quarter. During the second quarter Gardiner was the lone scorer with one point, so the half quarter score was Gardiner 3-2. In the third quarter Medomak scored eight points to Gardiner’s nine points giving Gardiner a 12-10 lead over Medomak. The fourth quarter was back and forth action. Gardiner scored five points to Medomak’s six points, but it was just shy one point, and Gardiner won the game in the final seconds from a free throw by Emilee Brann to give Gardiner the one point lead and win the game 17-16. This was the first defeat to Medomak in 15 games played to give Medomak a 14-1 record. 

Scoring for Medomak:
Emily Richards 4
Kytana Williamson 6
Audrey Jackson 6

Scoring for Gardiner:
Lia Umland 6
Sarah Goulette 2
Emilee Brann 5
N/A 4

This loss put Medomak into the loser bracket and they had to wait one hour and play a 7 p.m. game against Bath. Medomak had faced bath last weekend in the Brunswick tournament so the Medomak girls were ready for Bath and played well and won the game. Medomak was able to score like they usually do in this game. Shots went in and it was 10-2 at the end of one. At the end of the second it was Medomak 26-5. During the third and fourth Medomak tallied up eight points to Bath’s six points. Medomak won the game 34-11.

Scoring for Medomak:
Emily Richards 6
Kytana Williamson 14
Julianna Sprague 2
Audrey Jackson 12

Scoring for Bath:
Annika William 2
Makenzie Beale 5
Reese Darling 2
Emma Hart 2

Sunday Medomak faced Damariscotta CLC YMCA Lincoln Academy team at 11 a.m. The game got off to a good start at the end of the first quarter Medomak had an 8-4 lead over CLC. During the second quarter Medomak scored eight more points and CLC only was able to put in two. At the half it was 16-6 Medomak. In the third quarter Medomak took off and took over the game, they scored 14 points to CLC’s one.
The final score was Medomak 30-17.

Scoring for Medomak:
Emily Richards 2
Kytana Williamson 24 
Audrey Jackson 6

Scoring for CLC:
Lucy Fowler 7
Scarlett O’Brien 2
Lilly Christ 3
Rose Waltz 2
Tallulah Marks 2
Olivia Ball 1

Medomak’s 2nd game on Sunday was against Augusta. The game got off to an equal start. Medomak lead the game at the end of the first 7-4. In the second quarter Medomak scored eight and Augusta scored four again. The defense was good on both sides and it was back to back action. The third quarter came and Augusta scored three points to Medomak’s six points. During the four quarter Augusta turned it up. They scored nine points and battled back strong. Medomak was able to put in two and barley inch out Augusta 23-20. This win earned Medomak a place in the championship. 

Scoring for Medomak:
Sadie Knight 2
Paige Jarvis 1
Kytana Williamson 8
Audrey Jackson 12

Scoring for Augusta:
Cassie LaGroix 17
Brooklyn Barbeau 1
Tavrenee Tibbetts 2

The championship game was Medomak vs. Gardiner. Medomak battled their way out of the loser bracket the face Gardiner who sent them to the loser bracket Saturday when they beat Medomak by 1 point.The game started and it was back to back action, hoop for hoop. During the first quarter Gardiner scored six points to Medomak four points. During the second quarter Medomak put up nine points to Gardiner’s four points having the lead at the half, 13-10. During the 3rd quarter Gardiner battled back and scored eight to Medomak six points. Both teams battled hard in the fourth, it came down to foul shots. Gardiner was on the line four times and Medomak was on the line seven times. Gardiner scored 4 for 4 from the line and Medomak 0 for 7. Gardiner took the lead by one point with about one minute left in the game. The ball went end to end once and then it was Medomak ball. Two Medomak girls had a shot before the buzzer but neither went in and the buzzer sounded and Gardiner won the game 24-23.

Medomak played great defense and great team basketball all weekend. The team also won the tournament’s sportsmanship award. 

Scoring for Medomak:
Paige Jarvis 2
Kytana Williamson 6
Audrey Jackson 15

Scoring for Gardiner:
Taryn Nicholas 4
Lily Clark 2
Emilee Brann 12
Addison Serber 4
Brynnlea Carsisson 2

The Medomak travel team would like to thank the following sponsors for helping them this 2017 travel team season: Stoney’s Plumbing & Heating Warren Maine, Mid-Knight Auto Rockland Maine, Prock Marine Company Rockland Maine, Hill Top Stop Damariscotta Maine, and Machias Savings Bank. 

Andrea Williamson is a coach for the Medomak 3rd/4th grade girls travel basketball team. 

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