Lisa Layton McKeeman, obituary

Posted:  Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 3:45pm

Lisa Layton McKeeman, age 60, of Camden, died on December 20, 2016. Lisa leaves her husband Sam of Camden and son Colin, who now lives in Toronto with his wife Emma. Lisa also leaves a sister, Nancy, and her family in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Lisa went to Boston on December 5 as a matching kidney became available. All seemed to go well, with her expressing joy and euphoria at a new life and freedom. Complications set in resulting in her decline and eventual death.

Lisa was outgoing, communicative, enthusiastic, trusting, and positive. In spite of many medical issues which would have overwhelmed many, she looked to the future with enthusiasm and valued each new friend or acquaintance. Lisa had the ability to make friends within five minutes of encountering someone who was previously a stranger.

Lisa loved animals, travel, and learning. Seemingly small things such as a sunset or the sparkle of light on water thrilled her. Joy came from many directions. She valued her Quaker heritage, having attended Wilmington Friends School in Wilmington, Delaware, for all of her primary and secondary education.

She was remarkable and will be missed by many, especially her family and those with whom she developed a deep friendship in several states.

A memorial and celebration for Lisa will be held in May in Camden.