Knox County Commission welcomes new member, Sharyn Pohlman

Posted:  Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 2:30pm

ROCKLAND — Knox County Commissioners on Tuesday, January 10, in chambers at the Knox County Courthouse, welcomed Sharyn Pohlman as the new District 3 County Commissioner. Pohlman replaced Roger Moody and had run unopposed in the Nov. 8 elections. County Commissioner from District 1, Carol L. Maines was elected chairwoman for 2017.

Pohlman said she has always been involved with her community.

“I was on the Town of Rockport's Budget Committee, which is what really got me interested in local politics, and how it's good to be involved and vested in the community in which you live."

Pohlman said she put some of it on the back burner and got her son off to college before looking at opportunities to get involved.

"My background is with the Knox County Homeless Coalition," she said. "I see a lot of things that go on in the community with the different departments and the individuals who benefit from the services."

Pohlman said she also worked with the community school (Wayfinder) for two years.

"Through those jobs and the budget committee and volunteering at the Snow Bowl and Chamber of Commerce, I got the big picture of things that were going on,” she said. “I thought that maybe pulling all my experiences together I could make a difference moving forward; for example, the County Commission."

Pohlman said she spoke with Roger Moody and other individuals to make sure her timing was right.

"I did run unopposed," she said. "But I also visited every department that falls under our umbrella to make sure that I was aware of what they were doing and what the issues were, so I could really understand what was involved with this position. I went to county budget meetings and the commission meetings to make sure I was ready to go."

Pohlman said she did her homework.

"Roger Moody was instrumental in giving me some background information," she said. "He served the county so well for eight years. They are big boots to step into, but I am looking forward to it."

In her day job, Pohlman works for Maine Maritime Academy.

"It's their advancement department and it's called major gifts officer, but my job is to help raise money for scholarships so that kids who want to attend MMA can have that opportunity."

Pohlman said she felt her first County Commission meeting went fairly well.

"I feel like I'm stepping into a group of people who work very well together," she said. "The county is well run, everybody works collaboratively together and I'm very happy to be part of it."