Camden Hills visual and performing arts Student of the Month: Anna Christie

Posted:  Friday, March 17, 2017 - 10:15am

Camden Hills Regional High School Senior Anna Christie has been named the Visual and Performing Arts Student of the Month for March 2017. Anna is a four-year member of the CHRHS Concert and Jazz Bands and portrayed Sister Mary Patrick in this year's school musical, Sister Act. She has also been involved in filmmaking and photography.

As a musician, Anna credits her parents for providing early exposure to music and making sure that it was always a part of her life. She remembers watching and listening to many performers as a little girl, later inspiring her current artistic pursuits. She particularly loves seeing Broadway musicals, as well as listening to artists like Louis Armstrong and Indma Menzel.

Anna began the study of trumpet at Lincolnville Central School. When she arrived at Camden Hills, she also began the study of the French Horn. Outside of school, she attended the Maine Summer Youth Music Camp at UMaine for seven years. As her skill level developed she earned positions in the 2016 and 2017 District Three Honors Band as well as the 2017 All-State Band.

In addition to her love of music, Anna really enjoys filmmaking. She has had a number of films in the CHRHS film festival and likes seeing her ideas come to fruition through the editing process. Next year she hopes to study filmmaking as well as continue to participate in music throughout college and beyond.

Her advice to young students pursuing the arts: "Never give up on what you love, no matter how challenging life gets! Stay focused, be organized and always strive to do your best."