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Professional academic help is available to all students

URock is one of nine University College Centers around Maine where you can take courses, pursue full degrees, and receive all the support you need to earn a college degree close to home. You may take classes that fit into your family and work life. Courses are taught by faculty on-site, online, via interactive television or two-way videoconferencing.

University College at Rockland has served the midcoast area for more than 30 years, graduating thousands of local students. We provide local access to more than 30 university degree and certificate programs. We offer small class sizes, personalized support services, tutoring in math and writing, and local scholarships.

Choose from over 40 university courses offered each fall and spring semester, morning, afternoon and evening in a traditional, face-to-face format. In addition, choose from more than 700 courses offered through distance education technologies each semester.

Call us today at 800-286-1594 and get started with a free advising appointment.

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