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Greener Grounds Landscaping


Environmentally Conscious Property Care 

My name is Evan Frace and I am the owner of Greener Grounds Landscaping. I live in beautiful Owls Head, Maine with my wife and our three young children. Greener Grounds Landscaping offers environmentally conscious property care focusing on making your property an asset to the local and global environment. With 15 years of experience in the landscape industry in Maine, I have seen the hazards associated with traditional landscaping methods. Having children has made me more aware of the effect that each one of us has on the world that we are leaving for the next generation. Being environmentally aware is something that my wife and I have striven to ingrain in our children, and Greener Grounds Landscaping is an extension of that way of thinking.

NOFA Accreditation
I am an accredited organic land care professional through the Northeast Organic Farmers Association. With NOFA accreditation I can offer organic services based in organic standards set forth by NOFA for lawn and garden maintenance, pruning, installations and consulting. NOFA is the leader in the organic landscaping movement here in the Northeast in education and practical application of techniques and best practices to reduce the harm we do to the environment.

Onsite Zero-Emissions Maintenance
Our commercial grade electric mowers are clean, quiet and emissions free. We mulch the grass clippings back into the soil to help maintain health and supply free fertilizer. By using electric mowers, string trimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers, our service drastically reduces noise pollution while providing a clean, emissions free environment for your family or business patrons. We also strive to use hand tools whenever feasible.

• According to the EPA small gas engine motors are responsible for 5-10% of the emissions that are polluting our natural environment. There are 800 million gallons of gas used every year by the 56 million households that mow their lawn. Of that 800 million gallons, 17 million is spilled on the earth while trying to fill the gas tank, an amount equal to the oil spilled into Prince William Sound in 1989 by the Exxon Valdez! At Greener Grounds Landscaping it is all about taking care of the world that we live in.
• Running a traditional gas powered string trimmer for 30 minutes is the equivalent of driving a full size truck from Alaska to Texas!
• Our mowers run at half of the decibel level as conventional gas mowers. Homeowners can enjoy the beautiful Maine Summer without the overwhelming sound of lawn care equipment causing noise pollution. Doctor's offices, retirement homes, convenience stores, any place of business that has people coming in and out, or just trying to enjoy a peaceful environment, will benefit from the lack of noise our mowers produce. This is a huge benefit for your business, and a pleasant change for people that are home while we perform our service.

Natural Tick and Mosquito Control
We offer natural tick and mosquito control made from organic materials that is a safe alternative to harmful synthetic pesticides. You can rest easy knowing that you are offering a first line protection against tick and mosquito born illnesses that is not harmful to your family, your pets, beneficial insects, or the environment. Each application provides 4-6 weeks of ongoing protection for your property against the threat of ticks, and 4 weeks for mosquitoes. We also offer plans for your property to reduce tick and mosquito impact using landscaping techniques and features.

* Midcoast Maine has one of the highest rates of Lyme Disease in the country.
* The vector of Lyme Disease is most commonly the white footed mouse. They, along with other rodents, carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. which is then transferred from the tick to humans and their pets.
* According to the CDC there are 300,000 reported cases of Lyme Disease each year.

There are several tick borne illnesses such as:
• Anaplasmosis
• Babesiosis
• Ehrlichiosis
• Lyme
• Powassan Encephalitis
• Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Mosquitos are becoming more than just a nuisance pest for Maine residents. Although not all mosquito borne illnesses have been recorded in Maine, it is important to educate yourself on them to protect your family.

There are several mosquito borne illnesses such as:
• Dengue
• Chikungunya
• Eastern Equine Encephalitis
• Malaria
• West Nile Virus
• Yellow Fever
• Zika
Both West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis have been reported in Maine.

Organic Lawn Care
A customized approach for your property using a soil test as the basis for decisions on what your lawn needs. By properly assessing your soil test we can make decisions on soil amendments that will best benefit your property as well as the environment. By using the soil test as our baseline, we can save you money by ensuring that the nutrients that are applied are made available to the plant. Often times when synthetic fertilizers are applied you are only getting 50% of what you paid for because the pH affects the availability of the nutrients! Organic fertilizers and organic soil conditioners will be the center point of you customized lawn program.

We offer aeration and over-seeding as a critical service needed for an organics based program. When compaction of your lawn is the root cause of you problems, there is no amount of fertilizer, watering or amendments that will produce the results that you desire.

We also install new lawns based in the same NOFA principals and best practices to guarantee your lawn is healthy for years to come. Whether you are building a new home and want to ensure a beautiful lawn, or need to renovate you exiting lawn we offer unmatched knowledge and application techniques for the best results.

• When fertilizers and pesticides are improperly applied, or the pH of your lawn isn't correctly adjusted for turf grasses, the fertilizers and pesticides often end up in our waterways. Due to synthetic fertilizer's water soluble nature it is readily available to the plant, but can easily be washed away into our local water ways and waste water systems. The benefit of organic fertilizers is its water insoluble nature. It works through the natural process of mineralization and nitrification with the bacterial organisms in the soil being the catalyst. When you use practices and products that promote a healthy soil, the lawn enjoys the benefits without harming the environment.
• Biological amendments help build the soil health through the introduction and promotion of a healthy biomass that converts organic fertilizers, naturally aerates the soil, and build crucial organic matter in the soil. This approach stops the treadmill effect of feeding the plant, and into a program of improving the health of the soil.

Additional Services 

  • Natural Mulching
  • Soil Testing
  • Tree and Shrubs installations

 Please email or call 207-390-5628. Check out our website at