Winter Garage Door Issues?

Posted:  Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 7:00am

Does your Garage Door not open or close very well during the winter months?

Snow or ice in front of the sensor or the sensors being misaligned is often the culperate however if your door struggles to open all the way there are a couple of scenerios that may be contributing to your concern.

In a non heated garage the lubricant on the chain or screw drive could be gelling up requiring more tension from the motor or the wood work (trim) around the door tracks could be contracting in the cold and putting undue pressure on the wheels and hinges making the door seem heavier to the motor. On the side of your Electric Garage Door Openers there is a sensitivity adjustment screw. You can adjust the pull or push by these knobs. Turn it 1/4 at a time and test your door. If this does not resolve the issue:

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