What Wet Windows are Trying to Tell You

Posted:  Monday, January 9, 2017 - 8:30am

It’s easy to know that wet, sweaty windows are an unsightly, unhealthy problem. But with difficult-to-diagnose causes and tricky-to-install solutions, it’s harder to know what to do about them. That’s why Maine homeowners trust Evergreen Home Performance to find the real root of window condensation problems and to provide comprehensive solutions.

What causes window sweat?
If you’ve ever walked through dew-covered grass, you’ve felt the physics behind window sweat. When warm, moist air collides with a cold surface (your front lawn or your windows), it quickly cools below the dew point and deposits moisture. That’s no problem outside, but as interior “dew” builds up, the excessive moisture clouds your windows and sills with a sweaty mess. Even worse, that moisture can foster mold and mildew and create serious air quality problems. 

What can we do about window sweat?
Physics tells us that cold windows + warm, moist air = window sweat. To eliminate window condensation, we need to change the equation. Let’s look at the possibilities:

  • Increase the surface temperature of window glass. Energy efficient windows make your home more comfortable by determining how much heat comes in and escapes through the windows.
  • Decrease the moisture level in the air. There are many ways to manage interior moisture, from dehumidification and ventilation improvements to full basement encapsulation. The best solution will be specific to your home and your priorities.

Whatever the cause, window condensation is a clue that something is amiss. A free one-hour energy consult from Evergreen Home Performance is the first step toward making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Call 594-2244 to schedule one today.