Wine in hand, toes in the miniature

Posted:  Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 9:15am

What do you get writers for gifts? Books of course, but wouldn’t it be cool to give them a gift of their very own book?

Here is a miniature fish bowl scene of a writer chilling on a Maine beach (with Maine sand) with a good book, a sunhat, a glass of wine and handmade Adirondack chair and flip flops.

The book pictured here is my own The Ghost Trap, but I can customize these fish bowls for a writer in your life so that the tiny book in the scene is theirs.

This custom fish bowl shadowbox is a one of a kind and only $40 at Beyond The Sea in Lincolnville.

Take home a literary piece of Maine with you today!

For more information on my other custom shadowboxes for writers visit: