The Ghost Trap; a novel about the lobstering life

Posted:  Sunday, July 9, 2017 - 7:45am
You love Maine; but do you really know Maine?
The Ghost Trap is the haunting story of Jamie Eugley, a young lobsterman struggling with the grinding responsibilities of a head-injured fiancé and mounting trap wars.
A rugged and tender tale. Bawdy humor, snappy dialogue, colorful sea myths and rich lobstering details add to the immense appeal of this textured narrative about a lobsterman’s inward and outward struggles.
--Publishers Weekly

Signed copies of the award-winning novel, The Ghost Trap can be found at three places: Penelope's Bar Harbor, Beyond The Sea bookshop in Lincolnville, and The Red Barn Marketplace in Lincolnville.  Contact me for more info. ($16)