Busting a Myth or 2

Posted:  Monday, November 20, 2017 - 8:15am
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Bra-Fitting for Guys (and Gals)

Can we clear up the confusion?….let's bust a few myths.

How about that joke comparing boobs to fruits?

Please understand, that's not how cup-sizing works.

 A D-cup on a size 30" band bra is not the same as a D-cup on a size 38" band bra.

It would be like comparing plums to cantaloupes….. but respectively, they can both be D.

(See the photo of a line of bras - ALL are D-cups - ranging from size 30-38)


And that "DD" that popular culture makes out to be an outrageous va-va-voom

size, is actually very average.  We carry brands and styles that have cup-sizes much, much

further along in the alphabet.   :  )


(See diagram of how band and cup sizes interplay to fit all the different sizes women)

You may wonder how we females don't know our bra size!

Here are some reasons a woman isn’t sure currently:

- weight gain, loss, pregnancy, nursing, menopause all affect bra size AND affect each woman differently;

- she never learned how a bra is really supposed to fit;

- Mom never told her the ins and outs of bra-sizing because she didn't know either;

- the store didn't carry a small-enough band or a big-enough cup ...... so she made-do with what was available;

- manufacturers use different scales to assign cup size (see chart of comparable cup sizes by country);

- TOO many advertisements out there display bras fitting improperly;

(See the photo of the woman wearing the leopard print bra........  This is a TERRIBLE fit!!!!!)

- advertisements are airbrushed to remove excess tissue that sometimes spills when the proper band size is worn.

(see photo from Bounce catalog where the underarm tissue was NOT airbrushed out! - whoops, they forgot!)

So, check out that woman you care about....

Is the band of her bra riding up her back? (it should be parallel to the ground)

Is she always adjusting her bra?  Or complaining?

These are the most obvious signs she's wearing the wrong size or her bra is way past its life expectancy.

Do her a favor and suggest she visit City Drawers in Belfast or Bangor, escort her to our shop, or  present her with a gift certificate.

We'd love to help.